Faculty and Staff

Awards (Research)

Academic Honorees 

Professor Sun Sai-Ming Samuel--Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering                                                   and the International Eurasian Academy of Sciences

Croucher Senior Research Fellowship

Year Awardee
2009-2010 Professor Jiang Liwen
2015-2016 Professor Jiang Liwen

CUHK Research Excellence Award

Year Awardee
2006-2007 Professor Jiang Liwen
2007-2008 Professor Chu Ka-Hou
2008-2009 Professor Chen Zhen-Yu
2009-2010 Professor Jiang Liwen
2012-2013 Professor Lam Hon-Ming

CUHK Young Researcher Award

Year Awardee
2008-2009 Professor Kwan Kin-Ming
2009-2010 Professor Chan Ho-Yin Edwin

MoE Higher Education Outstanding Scientific Research Output Award

Year Award Awardee
2009 Natural Science Award First-class Award Professor Jiang Liwen
2010 Natural Science Award Second-class Award Professor Chen Zhen-Yu
2012 Natural Science Award Second-class Award Professor Chu Ka-Hou