Simon F. S. Li Marine Science Laboratory

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The Marine Science Laboratory was established in 1970 under the Department of Biology as a research centre for advanced studies in marine science. The Laboratory was developed for aquaculture research in the mid-1970s and relocated to its present site in 2001 under a reprovision scheme of the Hong Kong SAR Government in association with the establishment of the Hong Kong Science Park. In 2002, the laboratory was renamed the “Simon F. S. Li Marine Science Laboratory” in recognition of Dr. Simon Li's generous donations in support of the University's development.


>>History of the
Simon F. S. Li Marine Science Laboratory

The Laboratory is equipped with research and teaching laboratories, an air-conditioned aquarium, equipment and instrument rooms, and a seminar room. It is also equipped with a recirculatory seawater system, more than 30 culture tanks, and two speed boats.

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>>Laboratory facilities and equipment

Current resident and affiliated staffs of the Laboratory have broad research interests, including but not limited to ecology, evolution, conservation, genomics, ecotoxicology and biotechnology, from marine microorganisms to eukaryotes, particularly corals, seaweeds and crustaceans. 

>>Target organisms and selected researches

Research Highlights

"Junk" DNA is not junk

 * Crab nebula of life

 * A Lesson of Genealogy: Looks Can Be Deceiving

 * Resolving the controversial phylogeny of marine bacteria



Prof. Chu, Ka Hou
Resident Staff

Prof. Ang, Put O Jr.
Prof. Luo, Haiwei
Prof. Wong, Chong Kim
Affiliated Staff

Prof. Chan, King Ming
Prof. Hui, Ho Lam Jerome


Seminar Series in Marine and Environmental Sciences

2014-15, Term 1 / Term 2