Undergraduate-Study Packages

Study Packages in Biology

In additon to required courses, Biology Major students need to take elective courses. Students may choose to follow one or more study package(s) in three areas as shown below. To complete a study package, a student must take at least 15 units from courses listed in the study package. Biology Program will issue certificate(s) to students who complete specific study package(s). 

Biology for Teaching Career
BIOL3310 Human Biology 
BIOL3530 Plant Physiology*
BIOL3630 Animal Physiology, or FNSC4101 & FNSC4102 Human Physiology for Nutrition Studies I & II*
BIOL3710 Marine Biology 
BIOL4032 Physiological Investigations
BIOL4120 Developmental Biology
ENSC3520 Environmental and Biochemical Toxicology
BCHE3050 Molecular Biology or MBTE4320 Genetic Engineering


Organismic and Conservation Biology
BIOL3710 Marine Biology*
BIOL3530 Plant Physiology
BIOL3630 Animal Physiology
BIOL4012 Field and Environmental Biology
BIOL4032 Physiological Investigations
BIOL4510 Hong Kong Flora and Vegetation
BIOL4260 Conservation Biology


Human Biology
BIOL3310 Human Biology*
BIOL4310 Human Genetics*
BIOL4120 Developmental Biology
BCHE4040 Aspects of Neuroscience
BCHE4060 Basic and Applied Immunology
BCHE4090 Biochemistry for Sport and Exercise
CMBI4101 Cancer Cell Biology
CMBI4102 Stem Cell Biology
FNSC3010 Nutrition and Human Development
FNSC4101 & FNSC4102 Human Physiology for Nutrition Studies I & II

* core course

Based on the Study Packages for 4-Yr students admitted in 2017/18 and thereafter.

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