Professor CHOW Hei Man Kim


(Office): Rm 604, Mong Man Wai Building, CUHK
(Lab): Rm 612A, Mong Man Wai Building, CUHK

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(Office): (852) 3943 1530

Fax (852) 2603 7732
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PhD (Pharmacology and Pharmacy, Medicine), University of Hong Kong
MPhil (Physiology), University of Hong Kong
2005 BSc (Animal and Plant Biotechnology), University of Hong Kong


  • 2019+         Assistant Professor, School of Life Sciences, CUHK
  • 2015-2019   Junior Fellow, Institute for Advanced Study, HKUST
  • 2015-2019   Research Assistant Professor, Division of Life Science, HKUST
  • 2013-2015   Postdoctoral Fellow, Division of Life Science, HKUST
  • 2010-2011   Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Cornell University, USA

Research Interests

  • Metabolic plasticity and neurodegenerative disorders
  • Mitochondrial bioenergetics
  • Aging and cellular senescence

 Representative Publications

                            After joining CUHK

      1.  Hei-Man CHOW*, Jacquelyne Ka-Li Sun, Ronald P Hart, Kenneth King-Yip Cheng, Clara HL Hung, Tsun-Ming Lau, Kin-Ming Kwan. (2021) Low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 6 cell surface availability regulates fuel metabolism in astorcytes. Advanced Science (in press) (*Corresponding author) [IF=15.84].
      2. Shaohong Peng, Pei Guo, Xiao Lin, Ying An, Kong Hung Sze, Matthew Ho Yan Lau, Zhefan Stephen Chen, Qianwen Wang, Wen Li, Jacquelyne Ka-Li Sun, Sum Yi Ma, Ting-Fung Chan, Kwok-Fai Lau, Jacky Chi Ki Ngo, Kin Ming Kwan, Chun-Ho Wong, Sik Lok Lam, Steven C. Zimmerman, Tiziano Tuccinardi, Zhong Zuo, Ho Yu Au-Yeung, Hei-Man Chow, and Ho Yin Edwin Chan. (2021) CAG RNAs induce DNA damage and apoptosis by silencing NUDT16 expression in polyglutamine degeneration. PNAS. 118(19) :e2022940118. [IF=10.414]
      3. Ying Zhang, Wandi Xiong, Lianwei Li, Kaiyu Xu, Zhong Wang, Hei-Man Chow, Zhanshan Ma et al., (2020) Selective loss of 5hmC promotes neurodegeneration in the mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. The FASEB Journal. 34(12): 16364-82 [IF=4.966]
      4. Aifang Cheng, Kai-Hei Tse, Hei-Man Chow, Yunquao Gan et al., (2020) ATM loss disrupts the autophagy-lysosomal pathway. Autophagy. 14;1-13 DOI: doi: 10.1080/15548627.2020.1805860 [IF=9.770] 
      5. Jiechao Zhou, Hei-Man Chow*#, Yan Liu et al., (2019) CDK5-dependent BAG3 degradation modulates synaptic protein turnover. Biological Psychiatry. DOI: (*Co-first and # co-corresponding author) [IF=11.501]
      6. Hei-Man Chow*, Meng Shi, Aifang Cheng et al., (2019) Age-related hyperinsulinemia leads to insulin resistance in neutrons and cell-cycle-induced senescence. Nature Neuroscience. DOI: 10.1038/s41593-019-0505-1. (*Co-corresponding author) [IF=21.126]
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        Prior joining CUHK

      7. Hei-Man Chow*, Aifang Cheng, Xuan Song et al., (2019) ATM is activated by ATP depletion and modulates mitochondrial function through NRF1. Journal of Cell Biology. DOI: 10.1083/jcb.201806197 (*Co-corresponding author) [IF=9.306] (Journal spotlight:
      8. Aifang Cheng, Teng Zhao, Kai-Hei Tse, Hei-Man Chow et al., (2018) ATM and ATR play complementary roles in the behavior of excitatory and inhibitory vesicle populations. PNAS. 115(2):E292-E301 [IF=10.414]
      9. Karl Herrup, Kai-Hei Tse and *Hei-Man Chow (2017) Loopholes in the DNA contract kill neurons. Nature Neuroscience.20(9):1192-1194. (*Co-corresponding author) [IF=19.118]
      10. Jianmin Chen, Yanping Chen, Graham Vail, Hei-Man Chow et al., (2016) The impact of glutamine supplementation on the symptoms of ataxia-telangiectasia: a preclinical assessment. Molecular Neurodegeneration 11:60 [IF=7.077]
      11. Hei-Man Chow and Karl Herrup. (2015) Genomic integrity and the aging brain. Nature Reviews Neuroscience 16, 672–684 [IF=38.691]
      12. Hei-Man Chow, Dong Guo, Jie-Chao Zhou et al., (2014) CDK5 activator protein p25 preferentially binds and activates GSK3β. PNAS. 111(45): E4887–E4895 [IF=10.414]
      13. Kim HM Chow, Raymond WY Sun, Janice BB Lam et al., (2010) A Gold(III) Porphyrin complex with antitumor properties targets the Wnt/β-catenin pathway. Cancer Res. 70:329-337. [IF=9.578]
      14. Jing Liu, Janice BB Lam, Kim HM Chow et al., (2008) Adiponectin stimulates Wnt inhibitory factor-1 expression through epigenetic regulations involving the transcription factor specificity protein 1. Carcinogenesis 29(11):2195-2202. [IF=5.232]
      15. Mingyan Zhou, Aimin Xu, Paul KH Tam, Karen SL Lam, Lawrence Chan, Ruby LC Hoo, Jing Liu, Kim HM Chow and Yu Wang. (2008) Mitochondria dysfunction contributes to the increased vulnerabilities of adiponectin knockout mice to liver injury. Hepatology 48(4):1087-1096. [IF=14.079]

Research Grants

        1. 2021.01-2023.12-National Natural Science Foundation-Excellent Young Scientists Fund 2020 (NSFC-EYSF; Ref: 32022087); Metabolic reprogramming mechanism and regulation in cerebellar ataxia., PI, RMB 1,200,000 
        2. 2020.1-2022.12—Research Grants Council-General Research Fund (RGC-GRF; Ref: GRF16100219); Loss of nuclear estrogen-related receptor-a (ERRa) activity impairs metabolic plasticity and mitochondrial OXPHOS in neurons: Implications of sex differences observed in Alzheimer’s disease., PI, HKD 911,408.
        3. 2018.7-2021.6—Research Grants Council-General Research Fund (RGC-GRF; Ref: GRF16100718); A novel ATM-NRF1 axis facilitates mito-nuclear communication in response to cellular energy demand—Implications for cerebellar neurodegeneration in Ataxia-telangiectasia., PI, HKD 972,000.
        4. 2018.01-2019.12—Research Grants Council-General Research Fund (RGC-GRF; Ref: GRF16103317); The Wnt antagonist Dkk1 acts as a bimodal switch of Wnt signaling that controls the neurotrophic versus neurotoxic fates of astrocytes: Implications in the Alzheimer’s disease. PI, HKD 819,393.
        5. 2017.10-2021.09—Alzheimer’s Association Research Fellowship (AARF; AARF-17-53156); Targeting brain insulin resistance-mediated neuronal dysfunction in AD. PI, USD 175,000.
        6. 2017.04-2019.03—Health and Medical Research Fund (HMRF; Ref: HMRF04151436); Is DNA damage in oligodendrocyte the common cause of early myelin loss in the aging brain? – A pilot study. PI, HKD 100,000.
        7. 2016.10-2018.09—Research Grants Council-Initiation grant (Ref. IGN16SC02); The role of p53 in neuronal senescence: Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders. PI, HKD 178,000.


        1. US Patent number US20110098263A1; Title: Hydroxy-Substituted Gold (III) Porphyrin Complexes as Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors; Inventors: CM Che, Yu Wang, Raymond WY Sun; Kim HM Chow.


        1. 2021《JESSICA Most Successful Women Awards》
        2. National Natural Science Foundation-Excellent Young Scientist Fund 2020 (優秀青年科學家基金) (2021.01-2023-12) 
        3. Young Investigator Award--East Meets West Symposium 2019 on 21st Diabetes & Cardiovascular Risk Factors (2019.09)
        4. L’Oreal-UNESCO-China Association of Science and Technology—2017 For Women in Science: China Future Female Scientist Award (未来女科学家奖) and China-Hong Kong representative for the 2018 L’Oreal-UNESCO International Rising Talents Award
        5. Alzheimer’s Association—Alzheimer’s Association Research Fellowship (2017.10-2021.09)
        6. World Economic Forum—Global Future Council Fellowship (2016.11-2019.11)
        7. HKUST-Institute for Advanced Study (IAS)—Junior Fellowship (2015.09-2019.06)

Professional Activities

Professional Society Committee/Council Member (Honored service):

2019-2022       Society for Neuroscience—Global Membership Committee (GMC)

2017-2019       Society for Neuroscience—Trainee Professional Development Award (TPDA) Selection Committee

2016-2019       World Economic Forum—Global Future Council (GFC), The Future of Neurotechnologies and Brain Science Council

2015-2018       Society for Neuroscience—Trainee Advisory Committee (TAC)

Professional Society Membership

2018+  Alzheimer’s Association (AA)

2013+  Society for Neuroscience (SfN)

2008+  American Association for Cancer Research (AACR)

Research Proposal Review (Selected):

          1. A-T Society Research Grants (UK)
          2. Israel Science Foundation Research Grants (Israel)

Manuscript Review (Selected):

          1. Nature Review Neurology
          2. Science Advances
          3. Alzheimer’s Research & Therapy

Others (Research-related news and Interviews)

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        2. L’Oreal HK—Hong Kong woman scientist selected for 2017 Rising Talents in 14th China Young Women in Science Fellowships
        3. Nature—Career Feature 27 June 2018
          Title: How to build a lab in East Asia’s science hot sports?
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