Teaching Staff


Wong, Kam Bo 黃錦波
Structure-function studies of proteins; Structural basis of protein thermostability; and Structural studies of proteins by NMR and X-Ray crystallography


Chan, Ho Yin Edwin 陳浩然
Biochemical and genetic studies of human diseases
Chan, Michael Kenneth 陳文博
Protein Crystallography and Chemical Biology
Chen, Zhenyu 陳振宇
Food and nutrition
Cheung, Chi Keung Peter 張志強
Structure-function of cell wall polysaccharides/dietary fiber; Fungal/mushroom bioactive substances; Prebiotics, probiotics and gut microbiome
Chu, Ka Hou 朱嘉濠
Molecular systematics and ecology; Marine biotechnology and genomics; Crustacean biology; Seafood allergy
Fong, Wing Ping 方永平
Novel Photosensitizers for Photodynamic Therapy, Yeast Pathogenesis and Engineering
Jiang, Liwen 姜里文
Plant cell and molecular biology; Protein targeting and trafficking in plant cells; Organelle biogenesis and function in plants; and Plant biotechnology
Kong, Siu Kai 江紹佳
CBiol; MIBiol; Mitochondria as regulators of cell death; Erythropoiesis and apoptosis; Cancer biochemistry; and Development of biosensors
Lam, Hon Ming 林漢明
Plant and agricultural biotechnology
Lee, Shing Yip Joe 李成業
Ecology and biogeochemistry of estuarine wetlands such as mangroves and saltmarshes; Application of stable isotopes in marine environmental research; Marine ecosystem dynamics, rehabilitation and restoration
Shaw, Pang Chui 邵鵬柱
Protein structure and function study; and Quality control and authentication of Chinese medicinal material
Wong, Po Keung 王保強
Environmental biotechnology/microbiology; Ecotoxicology; and Environmental technology/management

Associate Professor

Au, Wing Ngor Shannon 區詠娥
Molecular and structural biology

Chan, King Ming 陳竟明
Fish endocrinology and Aquatic toxicology
Chan, Ting Fung 陳廷峰
RNomics and bioinformatics in biological processes and diseases; Platform development for structural variation detection and comparative analysis of complex genomic variation
Chu, Lee Man 朱利民
Industrial ecology; Restoration ecology; Pollution studies

Chung, Hau Yin 鍾厚賢
Food flavor; Food quality; Bioactive components from food and herb in health; and Food by-product utilization

Guo, Dianjing 郭殿京
Computational and systems biology; and Plant genomics and metabolomics
Hui, Ho Lam Jerome 許浩霖
Insect and arthropod biology, zoonotic diseases, insect-plant interactions, marine biotechnology, molecular ecology and conservation of biodiversity, evolutionary biology
Kang, Byung Ho 姜秉昊
Plant Cell Biology; 3D electron microscopy
Kwan, Kin Ming 關健明
Genetic Control of Organogenesis in Development

Lau, Kwok Fai 劉國輝
Molecular neuroscience

Leung, Lai Kwok 梁禮國
Food toxicology

Ngai, Sai Ming 倪世明
Bioinformatics and proteomics; Protein/Peptide biochemistry; PTMs, structural and functional studies; and Research and development on modern Chinese medicine

Tsang, Suk Ying Faye 曾淑瑩
Stem cell biology and Cardiovascular physiology

Assistant Professor

Falkenberg, Laura Jane
Global change biology – particularly ocean acidification and warming; Marine ecosystem dynamics, shifts, and resistance/resilience; Herbivore-autotroph ecophysiology, behaviour, and interactions; Socio-economic consequences of environmental change
He, Junxian 何軍賢
Hormone signal transduction in plants; Nitrogen signaling and nitrogen use efficiency of plants; Functional genomics of pant stress resistance
Luo, Haiwei 羅海偉
Microbial evolution and ecology; genomics; bioinformatics
Ng, Wang Kit Danny 吳宏杰
Epigenetics and gene regulation; Plant defense against pathogens; Polyploidy and hybrid vigor; Crop biotechnology

Ngo, Chi Ki Jacky 敖志祺
Structural biology
Tsang, Ling Ming 曾令銘
Biogeography and conservation genetictructural biology; Evolution and phylogeny of crustaceans; and Molecular ecology of marine animals

Wong, Wing Tak Jack 黃永德
Vascular and metabolic biology; Stem cell biology; and Cardiovascular regeneration
Zhong, Silin 鍾思林
Epigenetics and genomics; Hormone signaling network; Fruit ripening; and Sequencing technology
Zhuang, Xiaohong 庄小紅
Autophagy and autophagosome formation in plants and green algae; Signalling mechanisms of selective autophagy in plant stress resistance; Lipid metabolism and membrane dynamics


Research Professor

Kwan, Hoi Shan 關海山
Food safety, microbiology, chemistry and biotechnology; Fungal and crustacean genetics; Molecular biology and genomics; and Molecular analysis of Chinese medicine and food

Research Assistant Professor

Cheung, Chat Pan Kenneth 張質彬
Cell Metabolism; Cell Trafficking; Molecular Biology; Plant Biotechnology

Koon, Chun Alex 管進
Synaptic plasticity; Neurodegenerative diseases; Neurobiology; Developmental biology
Lau, Wilson Chun Yu 劉振宇
Cryo-electron microscopy; Structural biology
Qin, Jing 覃靜
Bioinformatics; Integrative omics approaches for gene regulation studies; Gene regulatory networks; Marine genomics; Stem cell and cancer multi-omics

Zhang, Shoudong 張守棟
Plant mobile macromolecules, Plant epigenetics and alternative splicing, plant adaptive mechanisms to harsh environments

Senior Lecturer

Chiu, Chi Ming Lawrence 招志明
Cell signaling in apoptosis; Reversal of drug resistance in cancer cells by targeting their apoptosis signaling pathways with bioactive molecules; and Applications of flow cytometry


Chow, Cheung Ming Cherry 周祥明
Plant cell biology; and Membrane trafficking
Chui, Pui Yi Apple 崔佩怡
Reproductive and larval ecology of corals; Coral recruitment dynamics; Reef restoration using sexually reared corals

Lo, Fai Hang 羅輝恒
Molecular cell biology, cancer Research; natural product research
Ngai, Hung Kui 魏雄鉅
Protein biochemistry; Metabolic diseases
Pang, Kok Shuen Iris 彭珏琁
Immunology; Innate activation of adaptive immunity; Pathogen recognition by innate receptors; Influenza virus infection; Immune regulation by commensal bacteria

Siow, Lam Nina 蕭琳
Molecular and cellular neuroscience; cell signaling and gene regulation

Yam, Kwan Mei 任君美
Molecular biology; Endocrinology; Popular science promotion; and Learning & teaching methodologies
Yip, Pui Sze Peggy 葉珮詩
Community nutrition; Public health; and Nutrition education and promotion

Assistant Lecturer

Chu, Kin Kan Astley 朱建勤
Food Processing Technology and Product Development; and Teaching Material Development in Food Science

Part-time Lecturer

Chung, Kwok Cheong 鍾國昌
Aquaculture, Systematics and reproduction of teleost fish; and Recirculated aquaculture systems