Outstanding Alumni Sharing

Outstanding Alumni Sharing



To me, the program offered broad knowledge of fundamental science and ample opportunities to translate what I had learnt into practical research projects. Interactive lab courses, group projects, presentations, and diverse program activities are features of this program, which allowed us to develop independent thinking, teamwork, and effective communication. I believe the program will continue to thrive and foster talents who will shine in different fields.

2002 Alumna (Molecular Biotechnology) – Dr. Lam Hung-Ming
Assistant Professor, University of Washington, Seattle
Young Investigator Award, Prostate Cancer Foundation
Career Development Award, Pacific Northwest Prostate Cancer SPORE, NCI/NIH
Idea Development Award (New Investigator), Department of Defense



Look back the time when I chose my major at CUHK, I believed that following my own personal interests would give no regrets to my life, so I devoted to Science, and MBT was my first choice as I really like the idea of DNA and genes. MBT program has given me wonderful University life, the Professors are inspiring and the lab courses are practical, well-equipped me with scientific knowledge, critical thinking and laboratory techniques. Final year project has also trained me to be a careful, tough, logical and optimistic person. After graduation, I further studied at the CUHK Graduate School, and went to both Canada and USA for a period of post-doc training. Luckily, now I got my faculty position at the Macau University of Science and Technology, and have the opportunities to run my own lab and research projects. After so many years, I am still very proud of being the first year of MBT graduates as it has started my scientific career as a Scientist, and I believed that I had made the best choice.

2001 Alumna (Molecular Biotechnology) - Dr. LEUNG Lai Han, Elaine
Assistant Professor
Macau Institute for Applied Research in Medicine and Health
Macau University of Science and Technology



I cannot remember how I picked Molecular Biotechnology Programme in the first place, but before knowing it, I had been equipped with very solid training in research skills and scientific communication. Even compared with many of my colleagues from around the world, the study in CUHK has given me a head start in my new adventure in neuroscience. Now, I am fully immersed in trying to understand the mammalian hearing system. I think students in the new School of Life Sciences are even luckier, having more flexibility to tailor their studies to their specific interests.

2008 Alumnus (Molecular Biotechnology) - Dr. Wong Aaron Benson
Scientific Researcher
Department of Neuroscience, Erasmus MC, the Netherlands



When I entered the MBT programme in 1998, I was completely new to the field of molecular biotechnology. I then progressively acquired state-of-the-art molecular biotechnology knowledge through a multitude of ways, including lectures, site visits, summer internship, as well as being a student helper in the laboratory of well-established scientists. Now being a teacher and molecular virologist myself, I am offering these similar ways to train and nurture a new generation of our future scientists. Without doubts, the MBT programme will be a perfect stage for those who are seeking to develop and shine in the golden age of biotechnology.

2001 Alumnus (Molecular Biotechnology) – Chan Chi-Wai Martin
Research Assistant Professor
Department of Microbiology
The Chinese University of Hong Kong