Message from the Director

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Molecular biotechnology is an interdisciplinary field that has brought profound impacts to global issues of our world, including medicine, agriculture, environment, and energy, etc. Molecular Biotechnology Program aims to equip students with the fundamental knowledge of this field and cultivate a vision on how findings of basic sciences can be translated into important applications.

Our curriculum builds on a solid foundation of biochemistry, cell biology, genetics, and genetic engineering. Hands-on skills in DNA and protein technologies will be acquired via two tailored-made laboratory courses. Our core curriculum requires student to have a holistic view on animal biotechnology, microbial biotechnology, and plant biotechnology. The social and economic aspects of biotechnology will also be discussed. In addition, there will be a large array of elective courses for the students to choose from, which will allow the students to go deep into some special topics of their choice. Exchange and internship programs will be available to qualified students.

An experimental or literature project is set to be a requirement for final year students. Those taken experimental research projects will have a chance to perform research in the laboratory of a professor from School of Life Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, and Program of Biomedical Engineering. This part aims to help the students to develop an ability of independent learning and recap their knowledge and put them to practice.

分子生物技術學是一個跨學科的領域, 它在包括醫療、農業、環境和能源等世界重大的問題上, , 帶來了深遠的影響。分子生物技術學課 程的目標是為學生裝備這領域的基礎知識, 以及為他們培育一個視野, 明白基礎科學的發現如何能轉化為重要的應用。

我們的課程是建 基於生物化學、細胞學、遺傳學和遺傳工程學的堅實基礎上。學生通過兩門特定的實驗課, 獲得基因和蛋白質技術的操作經驗。核心課程要求學生對 動物生物技術學、植物生物技術學和微生物生物技術學有整體的認識, 並會討論分子生物技術學在社會及經濟方面的課題。此外, 我們為學生提供大量選修課, 讓他們可以選擇一些特別的課題深入探討。合資格的學生會有交流和實習的機會。

畢業班的同學需要進行實驗或文獻研究的專題 探究。參與實驗專題探究的同學可以在來自生命科學學院、醫學院或生物醫學工程課程的一位教授的實驗室中進行研究。這部份的目標是幫助學生培養 自學的能力, 檢視所學到的知識並予以應用。

Professor Lam Hon-Ming

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