Undergraduate Study Scheme

Molecular Biotechnology 4-Year Program Curriculum

Applicable to students admitted in 2023-24

In order to graduate from the MBTE Programme, students should:

1. first enroll in Science Broad-based admission scheme at JS4601 as JUPAS code;

2. officially declare MBTE as the major programme in the first two years of study;

3. take and pass all 51 units of major compulsory courses + 3-6 units of capstone courses + 7-10 units of major elective courses (Total: 64 Units)

Recommended Course Pattern:

First Year of Attendance
1st Term
CHEM1280 Introduction to Organic Chemistry and Biomolecules (3 Units)
LSCI1002 Introduction to Biological Sciences (3 Units)
6 Units
2nd Term
A course in PHYS/MATH/STAT from Faculty Package
3 Units
Second Year of Attendance
1st Term
BCHE2030 Fundamentals of Biochemistry (3 Units)
BIOL2120 Cell Biology (3 Units) 
LSCI2002 Basic Laboratory Techniques in Life Sciences (2 Units)
An optional major elective course (3 Units)
8-11 Units
2nd Term
BIOL2410 General Genetics (2 Units)
BIOL2313 Genetics Laboratory (1 Unit)
BCHE3050 Molecular Biology (2 Units)
MBTE2000 Introduction to Molecular Biotechnology (2 Units)
MBTE2010 Diversity of Life: Applications and Sustainability (2 Units)
9 Units
Third Year of Attendance
1st Term
BIOL3410 General Microbiology (3 Units)
MBTE4033 Methods in Molecular Biotechnology Laboratory I (2 Units)
MBTE4320 Genetic Engineering (3 Units)
MBTE4510 Plant Biotechnology (3 Units)
MBTE3510 Medical Biotechnology (1 Unit)
MBTE3550 Biotechnology for Environment and Sustainability (1 Unit)
An optional major elective course (3 Units)
13-16 Units
2nd Term
BCHE3030 Methods in Biochemistry (3 Units)
MBTE4034 Methods in Molecular Biotechnology Laboratory II (2 Units)
MBTE4520 Plant Biotechnology (3 Units)
MBTE4530 Animal Biotechnology (3 Units)
An optional major elective course (3 Units)
11-14 Units
Summer Term 
MBTE4901 Senior Experimental Project I (2 Units)
MBTE4906 Internship (2 Units)
2 Units
Fourth Year of Attendance
1st Term
MBTE3000 Business and Social Aspects of Biotechnology (3 Unit)
MBTE4092 Senior Experimental Project II (2 Units)
LSCI4000 Literature Research (3 Units)
An optional major elective course (3 Units)
5-9 Units
2nd Term
MBTE4093 Senior Experimental Project III (2 Unit)
LSCI4000 Literature Research (3 Units) (If not taken)
An optional major elective course (3 Units)
5-6 Units



Major Elective Courses   
 Course Code  Title  Units
 BCHE3040  Proteins and Enzymes  3
 BCHE3080  Bioenergetics and Metabolism  3
 BCHE4030  Clinical Biochemistry  3 
 BCHE4060  Basic and Applied Immunology  3
 BCHE4080  Biochemistry for Forensic Sciences  2
 BCHE4090  Biochemistry for Sport and Exercise  2
 BIOL2420  Population Genetics  1
 BIOL3310  Human Biology  3
 BIOL3420  Advanced Genetics and Epigenetics  3
 BIOL3530  Plant Physiology  3
 BIOL3630  Animal Physiology  3
 BIOL4120  Developmental Biology  3
 BIOL4310  Human Genetics  3
 BIOL4520  Plant Metabolism and Metabolic Engineering  2
 BIOL4610  Foundation for Secondary School Biology Teaching  3
 BMEG2001  Introduction to Biomedical Engineering  1
 BMEG2011  Biomedical Engineering Laboratory and Hospital Experience  2
 CMBI3101  Biology of Model Organisms for CMB Research  3
 CMBI4001  Protein Trafficking  1
 CMBI4002  Protein Folding  1
 CMBI4003  Signal Transduction  1
 CMBI4101  Cancer Cell Biology  1
 CMBI4102  Stem Cell Biology  1
 CMBI4103  Neuronal Cell Biology  1
 CMBI4201  Genomics and Transcriptomics  1
 CMBI4202  Proteomics  1
 CMBI4203  Metabolomics  1
 CMBI4301  Current Topics in Cell Biology  1
 CMBI4302  Current Topics in Molecular Biology  1
 CMBI4303  Current Topics in Biotechniques  1
 LSCI1012  Introduction to Life Forms in Biosphere  3
 LSCI2003  Scientific Conduct and Ethics  2
 LSCI3012  Practical Bioinformatics for Life Sciences  2
 LSCI3030  Structural Biology  2
 LSCI3333  Introductory Live-Cell Imaging : Applications and Analysis  2
 LSCI3520  Environmental and Biochemical Toxicology  3
 STAT3210  Statistical Techniques in Life Sciences  3
 MBTE3518  Project in Medical Biotechnology  2
 MBTE3558  Project in Biotechnology for Environment and Sustainability  2
 MBTE3568  Project of Protein Engineering and Drug Design  2