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Biochemistry is a significant scientific field that plays a crucial role in driving novel discoveries in the current epoch. A multitude of technologies related to biochemistry has practical applications across various scientific, engineering, and medical disciplines. Biochemistry in this University was first established in 1971 as an academic department. In 2010, we became an integral part of the School of Life Sciences, offering comprehensive teaching and research programmes. With time, we have expanded in terms of both our research and teaching capabilities and diversity. Our mission is to educate and nurture the upcoming generation of biochemists who can contribute significantly to this exhilarating field, both in Hong Kong, China and worldwide. Our associated staff are involved in major research activities, including genomics and bioinformatics, protein sciences, molecular cell biology, neuroscience, and nutrition and natural products. Our Centre for Protein Science and Crystallography stands as a premier centre for protein research, equipped with cutting-edge technology for protein purification, 3D structural analysis, and biochemical as well as biophysical studies.


We offer various degree programmes, including B.Sc., M.Sc., M.Phil., and Ph.D., each providing different levels of training in biochemical sciences. Our undergraduate B.Sc. Programme is designed with a focus on offering premium teaching in Biochemistry-related knowledge. We offer our students a blend of hands-on learning and digital learning opportunities, enabling them to acquire diverse skills in the latest technologies and establish a strong foundation in biochemistry. We promote a multidisciplinary learning environment to boost the development of generic skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, interpersonal communication, and a proactive and responsible approach towards both study and life. Our M.Sc. Programme is tailored for individuals looking to transition into biochemical sciences from a different field. Our M.Phil. and Ph.D. programmes provide a range of dynamic research training for those keen on pursuing biochemical research. Many of our alumni are now leaders in local and international tertiary institutions, as well as in the biotechnology and biomedical sectors.


I look forward to your joining to our biochemistry family!

H.Y. Edwin Chan, Ph.D.

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