About our association

The Biochemistry Alumni Association is one of the first departmental alumni associations conceived at the CUHK. It was established three years ago by a group of enthusiastic biochemistry graduates. The idea of forming such an association came from the need to promote friendship and to provide a nucleus of coherence among our fellow graduates. The founding committee of the Biochemistry Alumni Association was set up on September 7, 1991. Dr. H.K. Cheng (1976) was Chairman of the First Executive Committee.

With the time and energy devoted by our dedicated executive members, the Association has grown steadily. Major work in the first two years was to compile a Biochemistry Alumni Directory which is the most popular request from our fellow alumni. The second edition was published in June 1993. Financial constraint notwithstanding, the Association succeeded in publishing several issues of Newsletters. The Association continues to receive generous support from our graduates both in the form of generous donations and active participation. The donation is used for administration cost and for the establishment of a Biochemistry Alumni Association Scholarship. From time to time, the Association organizes dinner talks on popular subjects of biomedical interest. The objective is to keep our fellow alumni abreast of recent advances in biomedical science. The Association holds its Annual General Meeting in September each year; this represents an excellent chance to get together.

Every year about one-third of our graduates enter graduate school locally and abroad to pursue further study. In our Department, M.Phil. and Ph.D. candidates also take up concurrent work as graduate assistants. For those who choose employment, about half entered the business sector. others found work in Government and hospital laboratories as well as in the teaching profession.

The Biochemistry Alumni Association was established in 1991 to help strengthening the ties between the Biochemistry graduates. In the last few years, it organized a number of dinner talks, picnic and in collaboration with the Department, it also organized career talk in which the alumni came back and shared their working experience with the undergraduates.