B.Sc. - Scholarship

The Department has set up, since 2006, three scholarships (HK$2,000 each) for the undergraduate students who have the highest major GPA in each year of study.  The scholarships for year two and three students are supported by the Departmental Development Fund.  The scholarship for year 1 student is supported by donation from alumni.  As suggested by the donor, the scholarship will be named as "Professor C.Y. Lee Scholarship" in honour of his past contribution to the Department. 


2006-2007 Awardees
Undergraduate Academic Awards (2006-2007 Awardees) 
Former Chairmen's Academic Award
From Left to Right : 
Prof. TT Kwok, Ho Yau Kei, Chan Wai Hon, Fung To Sing
and Prof. KP Fung
2006-2007 Awardees
Undergraduate Academic Awards (2006-2007 Awardees) 
Biochemistry Alumni (1977) Award for Distinguished Final Year Research Project From Left to Right : 
Prof KP Fung, 
Kan Hoi Lam
and Prof. KN Leung (representative of 1977 Alumni)

Undergraduate Academic Awards (2007-2008 Awardees)
Former Chairmen's Academic Award
Prof. CY Lee's Academic Award: Mr. Gan Quan, Alfred & Mr. Zhang Shaofei, Michael 
Prof. Walter Ho's Academic Award: Mr. Chow Wan Ning, Vanessa
Prof. Ma Lin's Academic Award: Mr. Chan Wai Hon

Biochemistry Alumni Association Scholarship: Ms. Chow Wan Ning, Vanessa