The Mission of Biochemistry Programme


The Biochemistry Programme has the following mission.

Mission 1:    
To provide concepts and mechanisms on the molecular basis of life processes and the significance in human activities and health.
Mission 2: To provide training on the latest biochemical technology.
Mission 3: To cultivate the ability of critical thinking, a proactive and responsible attitude and efficient communication skills for high competitiveness in further study and career development.




The Biochemistry Programme Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

Graduates of the Biochemistry Programme are expected to achieve the following PLOs:

PLO1:   Understand the core knowledge in biochemistry covering biomolecules, molecular biology, cellular biochemistry, metabolism, bioinformatics, proteins and enzymes and have the opportunity to specialize in a selected area of biochemistry.
PLO2: Gain the knowledge of the latest biochemical technology in proteins, cell biology and, molecular biology.
PLO3: Possess skills in designing experiments to test hypothesis, writing research report, applying their knowledge to daily life and developing self-learning capability.
PLO4: Become all-round competent including the capability to work in a team.
PLO5:: Think critically and analytically.
PLO6: Commit to ethical professionalism.
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