Hong Kong as a well developed city, citizens here are more and more concerned about the healthy diets, food qualities and food safety. In fact, the rapid advancement of food-related industries and a growing professional in food and nutrition pose many new challenges and opportunities. These developments have created an increasing demand for graduates who can collect, interpret, evaluate and communicate information on food and nutrition-related matters to a wide variety of groups including the food industries, catering services, health authorities and the general public.

In response to the needs, The Chinese University of Hong Kong introduced the Bachelor of Science and Master of Philosophy degree programme in Food and Nutritional Sciences since 1994. From 2005, we started offering the Master of Sciences degree programme for further professional development. We provide specialized training in different aspects of food and nutritional sciences, in order to equip our students with the skills required in food and catering industries as well as public health services, focusing on the growing concern in food safety and healthy eating, so as to improve the life quality of mankind. These programmes are now offered under the School of Life Scineces and are directed at local, mainland and overseas entrants.