AfN accredited program : BSc Hons Food and Nutritional Sciences (FNS-NS)

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Nutritionist Stream

The Nutritionist Stream (FNS-NS) is a study stream in the Food and Nutritional Sciences Programme (FNS). It is designed for students who want to obtain practical experience before graduation and interested in practicing as a Nutritionist after graduation. Recently, FNS-NS has obtained the recognition from the UK Association for Nutrition (AfN), and is the first and the only AfN accredited program in Hong Kong.


  • Only the Nutritionist Stream in FNS (FNS-NS) is an accredited program.
  • Students admitted in 2021-22 and thereafter will be eligible to apply for Registered Associated Nutritionist (ANutr) through the direct entry route within 3 years of graduation.
  • Date accreditation was granted on 30th April 2021. Date due for reaccreditation: 30th April 2026. Date current accreditation ends: 30th April 2026.
  • This study stream does not provide practical training in clinical nutrition. Therefore, further study and training in dietetics are needed to become a registered dietitian.


Programme structure and curriculum

Students must complete: (1) the compulsory courses required by the Science Faculty and SLS, (2) the general education courses, and (3) the 19 FNS core courses. While students are free to select the elective courses, the elective courses cannot replace the core courses. Students in FNS-NS must follow the fixed study pattern.

Year 1 : Faculty package and GE courses
Year 2 : SLS foundation courses, GE courses, and introductory FNS core courses
Year 3 : FNS core courses
Year 4 : FNS core courses, internship and practicum
Details of FNS-NS study pattern can be found on CUSIS

To ensure students complete all the coursework, internship and practicum, students in this study stream must fulfill all the graduation requirements before taking part in an exchange programme; that is, in the summer of the final year of study.

Entry Requirements

  1. 1st year GPA ≥3.3;
  2. IELTS 6.5 with no individual sections ˂ 6.0;
  3. Obtained a grade ≥C in FNSC2005; and
  4. A satisfactory interview result.


Steps to enroll in FNS-NS

  1. To declare FNS as the major of study in 1st year
  2. To file an application for FNS-NS at the end of the year 2 study
  3. Interview
  4. Suitable students are selected into the stream; students denied may enroll in the general FNS programme or other programmes in the School of Life Sciences.


For enquiries, please contact Ms. TSE Pui Shan (Project Coordinator) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.