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For our Hong Kong society to advance, we need to build a healthy and caring society. Protecting and promoting the health of the people and assuring the safety and quality of food are therefore some of our society's prime concerns. Health is a personal resource that affects our collective community well being as well as each individual's own personal pathway through life. 

Because food is a key determinant of health, food safety and health are inextricably linked. In other words, while selecting our food to meet energy and nutrient requirements is essential, food safety and quality are also important. However, in addition to focusing on improving production, processing, storage and distribution of food, an integration of basic and applied food and nutrition science is encouraged. This would meet the current challenges of the growing burden of non-communicable disease resulting from changing diet and lifestyle coupled with the lessons learned from recent microbiological and other challenges to food quality and safety. These challenges place a great demand on government agencies, food industry and other organizations in both the public and private sectors for continuing improvement of new and healthier, safer food products and ultimately for effective food and nutrition policies.

The advance in food science and technology and nutrition research has lead to the emergence of new methods of food production, as well as new nutrition and health issues. Therefore, people who are working in related fields or preparing to do so need to equip themselves with more advanced knowledge to meet these new challenges. However, courses addressing both areas of food and nutritional sciences are lacking in Hong Kong. 

Our M.Sc. programme is the first of its kind focusing on the multidisciplinary interface of food science and human nutrition. It will provide in-depth, up-to-date and practical knowledge in food science, food technology and nutrition. Specific topics of public relevance will also be addressed. Students will have the chance to undertake research in either nutrition or food science and technology in order to obtain more exposure in their area of interest, consolidate their research skills for further development and maximize scientific progress.