The School

The School of Life Sciences was established in August 2010 by merging the Biochemistry (BCHE) and Biology (BIOL) Departments under the Faculty of Science. The School now has 49 teaching staff, and 66 technical, administrative and clerical staff. There are also 80 postdoctoral fellows and other research staff, supported by various research grants.  

The School offers six undergraduate major programmes, Biochemistry (BCHE), Biology (BIOL), Cell and Molecular Biology (CMBI), Environmental Science (ENSC), Food and Nutritional Sciences (FNSC), and Molecular Biotechnology (MBTE), with a total annual intake of about 200 under a broad-based admissions scheme of Life Sciences. The ENSC programme is jointly offered with the Department of Chemistry. The six programmes prepare students for careers in science, health and related fields, as well as for postgraduate studies in biological and biomedical sciences. At the postgraduate level, the School has currently 151 M.Phil. and Ph.D. students. Besides, we also offer two Taught M.Sc. programmes: Biochemical and Biomedical Sciences, and Nutrition, Food Science and Technology.

Some of the active research areas in the School include plant molecular biology and biotechnology, protein structure and function, marine biology, environmental science, and food science and technology. Research in plant and agricultural biotechnology has been funded by the Area of Excellence Scheme of the Hong Kong University Grants Council and more recently by the establishment of a State Key Laboratory of Agrobiotechnology.

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