Physiology & Developmental Biology

Research in Physiology and Developmental Biology investigates fundamental processes including cell and tissue differentiation and functioning of the body systems. Below are some examples of research in this field conducted in our school:


Zebrafish is used as the model in functional analyses of the brain-pituitary-ovary axis . Current interests include intrafollicular communication network in the ovary and the molecular biology of gonadotropins and their receptors.




PDB 01



PDB 02 




Salinity adaptation in seabream is dependent on changes in kidney and gill function. In seawater, the kidney excretes excessive ions and retains water but switches to excrete water and conserve ions in freshwater. Gill chloride cells can act as either ion extrusion or absorption devices in seawater or freshwater respectively.





Advanced molecular biology and genetic engineering technology are used in studying mammalian embryonic developmental processes, with mouse as the model organism.


  PDB 03