Sharing from Alumni

Sharing from Alumni


"The teachers are willing to answer students’ questions and very helpful, not only in academic but also in other activities such as O’camp. The alumni are also very helpful in sharing their experience in career and etc. The basic knowledge in cell biology, genetics, and physiology and also the lab techniques make me capable of being a research postgraduate student."


 Shing To Li – PhD student;
graduated in 2011


"The plant biology field trips and the flora lessons would be totally unforgettable experience. We went through mountains to study the plantation, trees and shrubs. We stepped on mangroves and knew few rare plants in the world. We understood how magnificent the nature is. Of course, the laughter and the moment with my dear classmates make me find the course even more interesting. "



Mok Kai Cheung 2007
  Kai Cheung Mok - Chief Wealth Management Advisor;
graduated in 2007


"Intriguing curriculum. Friendly ambience in learning and living. Challenging labwork".


Siu Wing Tsang – Teacher;
graduated in 2004


 "The broad spectrum of courses is important for my career. When I worked as a researcher, strong fundamental knowledge allows me to tackle research problems in different angles. Now, I am working as assistant curator in museum. Broad knowledge on different field of Biology is even indispensable for me to prepare exhibitions."


 Rainbow Photo

Tsui Hung Pang (Ph.D.) – Assistant Curator of museum; graduated in 1999


"My biology training supported my professional training in landscape architecture."


 Eric Wai-keung CHAN - Senior Landscape Architect;
graduated in 1981


"We had a nice group of enthusiastic and energetic classmates. Our teachers were scholarly, kind, and supportive. I liked the in-depth, degree-oriented (major) biology courses in the third and fourth years, the first year special topics in biology, the winter camps (NA), summer projects, and the fourth-year student seminar...It gave me a strong knowledge foundation for my research on human molecular biology and genetics."



Yu CY 1981

Chack Yung Yu (D.Phil.) - Professor of Pediatrics; graduated in 1981


"You learn to stand on your own feet to identify and solve the problems you encounter. Though you know that there are always your lifelong university friends whom you can count on when you are stuck."



 Mai Har, Sham (Ph.D.) - Head of Biochemistry Department, HKU; graduated in 1981