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Orientation Camp (O' Camp)

Orientation Camp is a welcoming camp for biology freshmen in summer vacation. It provides invaluable time for freshmen to seek one another's acquaintance, cultivates our spirits and sense of belonging towards our own department. Camp fire, treasure hunt and O'Night would surely be the most precious moments for every one of us!


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Information Day (Orientation Day)

Orientation day, now called Information Day, is an annual function in which the senior secondary students or others can treasure their chance in having in-depth understandings on our programme through the combination of practical laboratory tour, comprehensive admission talk and counseling service given by professors, postgraduates and undergraduates.


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Winter Camp

Winter camp, a traditional four-day wild camp of the Biology Society, has entered her fifty-third anniversary this year! The organising committee provides a worthy chance for schoolmates to experience wild life in cold winters. Participants would take part in field trip, which is practical and educational. Cooking for themselves, singing around the warm camp fire, playing mass games in the dark, chatting overnight, as well as enjoying fascinating night scene


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 Exchange Experiences

Our students are encouraged to obtain international exposure by studying abroad or being exchange students.

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