Student Association

Student Association

Biology society organizes a variety of extra-curricular activities, like ballgame competitions, Biology Festival, feasts, graduation parties, orientation day, etc. Committee members have dedicated their efforts to enhance member's relationship and promote our programme towards outsiders.

To learn more about our Biology Society, please visit their facebook pages:

BioSpark Small

Biospark CUSU (2021-22)
Binovaris 202021 Binovaris CUSU (2020-21)
Bizenith small Bizenith CUSU (2019-20)
Bivacious CUSU Small Bivacious CUSU (2018-19)


Bioventure Cusu (2017-18)



Binamic Cuhk (2016-17)



Birection (2015-16)



Bioneer (2014-15)



Bitamin (2013-14)




Biowerful (2012-13)



Biolink (2011-12)