Undergraduate-Study Schemes

Undergraduate Study Schemes for Biology Major (4-Year Programme)

Term 1, Term 2 and Term 3:

Build up your


Common Foundation Courses in

Year 1-2

Faculty Package

Cell Biology (BIOL2120)


Biochemistry (BCHE2030)

Basic Laboratory Techniques (LSCI2002)

Term 4:

Explore your

interest in various

aspects of life sciences

Select preferred courses from a list of courses offered by 6 programs

Core Course of Biology:


(BIOL2210, BIOL2213)


( BIOL2410, BIOL2313)

 Population Genetics

( BIOL2420)


Courses from other programmes:

Biochemistry (e.g. BCHE2000)

Literature Survey (e.g. CMBI2200)

Environmental Science (e.g ENSC2270)

Food, Nutrition & Health (e.g. FNSC2001)

Molecular Biotechnology (e.g. MBTE2000)


Term 5-8:

Foster to be a specialist

Engage in the advanced and specialized study posed by Biology program

Optional: Choose any one of below Study Packages:

  • Biology For Teaching Career
  • Organismic and Conservation Biology
  • Human Biology 

Years 3-4

                                      >> Graduation: Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Biology

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