Courseware & Online Learning References

Courseware & Online Learning References

To extend learning outside the classrooms and promote self-learning, courseware and online learning references have been developed for specific Biology courses. Some examples are listed below:

    Name & Description Year (& QR code)

BioPhotoSharing@CUHK (Dr. CM Chow)

BioPhotoSharing@cuhk is a PHOTO-BASED KNOWLEDGE SHARING PLATFORM built with the integrated efforts from teachers and students of biodiversity-related courses at CUHK. It has started with a seed database containing a set of featured photos generated by teacher.


QR BioPhotoSharing



PlantWalk@CUHK (Drs. David Lau & CM Chow)

PlantWalk@CUHK is a smart phone-compatible website that aims to engage the students from botanic courses to authenticate and study selected plants in CUHK campus on five selected site, including learning spots in United College, Central campus, Herbal Garden, Alumni Garden and Chung Chi College. As guided by the built-in interactive map, students can visit these spots and examine the highlighted plants in a stepwise manner by interactive questions.


QR Plant-Walk  (2015-now)


Virtual Lab of Bryophytes (Dr. CM Chow)

Virtual lab of Bryophytes is a smart phone-compatible website that allows learners to not only acquire the basic knowledge of bryophytes but also explore various macro- and micro- features of selected examples of liverworts, hornworts and mosses. Join the lab now to learn bryophytes through attempting the interactive exercises and observing the plants at different magnifications!





Virtual Lab of Ferns (Dr. CM Chow)

Virtual lab of Ferns is a smart phone-compatible website that allows learners to learn how to describe various fern features including division levels and sorus morphology which are important for fern observation and identification. 




EvolutionaryBiology thumbnail

Evolutionary Biology (Prof. Jerome Hui)

Basic concepts illustrated with examples will be discussed in the courseware. There are 4 modules, namely Idea of evolution, Evidence of change through time, Evidence from molecular biology and Evolutionary tree.

(Login: Staff/Student ID, Password: CUHK OnePass)

EvolutionBiology QR


InvertebrateBiology thumbnail

Invertebrate Diversity (YAM, Kwan Mei (May))

This is an on-going project in which learners of invertebrate diversity are asked to contribute to its content, as well as the building of the site. The selection of diagrams/photos/videos from online sources included here is meant to facilitate learning, we do try our best to include the sources so learners can go to the original sites to learn more. Photos/videos in our specimen section are taken from our Zoology lab. The materials will be revised/updated from time to time. 

(Login: Staff/Student ID, Password: CUHK OnePass)


InvertebrateBiology QR


IVFDL Thumbnail

Interactive Virtual Flower Dissection Lab (Dr. CM Chow)

Through IVFDL, students can

  1. Learn the basic terminologies of flowers in a friendly learning environment, with well-illustrated information.
  2. Actively participate in the virtual experiments by deciding the dissection methods and judging the type of structural features exhibited by the specimens accompanied with interactive visual references. 
  3. Supplemented with self-tests and videos.