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The Programme


The Department of Biology, now the Programme of Biology, was established in 1963, and is one of the oldest departments in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. It has always been our goal to promote the advancement of teaching and research in this multifaceted science and to contribute to our understanding of the events of life. We have been generating and transferring knowledge in biological sciences, cultivating future biologists and training all-round citizens for our society.

Programmes of Studies in Biology

Our teaching programmes include both undergraduate (BSc) and postgraduate (MPhil and PhD) degrees, designed with the aim of training our students to have fundamental and excellent knowledge of modern biological sciences. With our comprehensive curriculum and broad training encompassing a variety of fields within the biological sciences, our graduates are well-prepared for various careers including appointment as teachers, principals or professors within the local or overseas education sector, and as research, technical or administrative staff in tertiary institutions, the government and business sectors.

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Biology Programme, CUHK

Teaching & Support Staff

Our Programme is supported by the staff of School of Life Sciences:

Teaching Staff
Support Staff

Programme Committee of Biology:

Professor S Chen
Professor PCK Cheung
Professor DJ Guo
Professor JX He
Professor JHL Hui (Director and Convenor)
Professor LW Jiang
Professor BH Kang
Professor KM Kwan
Professor HM Lam
Professor HW Luo
Professor S Mcilroy
Professor M Pittman
Professor Benoit Thibodeau
Professor LM Tsang (Associate Director)
Professor TK Martin Tsui
Professor SL Zhong
Professor XH Zhuang
Dr. LCM Chiu
Dr. MMS Law
Dr. NL Siow
Miss MKM Yam (Assistant Director)