Professor KONG Siu Kai


School of Life Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, NT, Hong Kong

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1996 MBA, University of Strathclyde
1989 PhD, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
1986 MSc, University of Salford
1984 SrDip HonDip, Hong Kong Baptist College


  • Emeritus Professor, School of Life Sciences
  • Adjunct Professor, School of Life Sciences

Research Interests

  • Cancer Biochemistry - Mitochondria as Regulators of Cell Death
  • Biosensor and Assay Development
  • Eryptosis in Human Red Blodd Cells

Representative Publications 

  • Yeung KW, Lau PM, Tsang HL, Ho HP, Kwan YW, Kong SK. (2019) Extracellular Histones Induced Eryptotic Death in Human Erythrocytes. Cell Physiol Biochem, 53:229-241.
  • Wang S, Liu Y, Zhang D, Chen SC, Kong SK, Hu M, Cao Y, He H. (2018) Photoactivation of extracellular-signal-regulated kinase signaling in target cells by femtosecond laser. Laser & Photonics Review, 14/5/2018 
  • Loo JF, Yang C, Tsang HL, Lau PM, Yong KT, Ho HP, Kong SK. (2017) An Aptamer Bio-barCode (ABC) assay using SPR, RNase H, and probes with RNA and gold-nanorods for anti-cancer drug screening. Analyst, 142:3579-3587.
  • Loo JF, Kwok HC, Leung CC, Wu SY, Law IL, Cheung YK, Cheung YY, Chin ML, Kwan P, Hui M, Kong SK, Ho HP. (2016) Sample-to-answer on molecular diagnosis of bacterial infection using integrated lab-on-a-disc. Biosens Bioelectron, 93:212-219. 
  • Chen J, Kang Z, Wang G, Loo JF, Kong SK, Ho HP. (2015) Optofluidic guiding, valving, switching and mixing based on plasmonic heating in a random gold nanoisland substrate. Lab Chip, 15:2504-2512.
  • Gao M, Lau PM, Kong SK. (2014) Mitochondrial toxin betulinic acid induces in vitro eryptosis in human red blood cells through membrane permeabilization. Arch Toxicol, 88:755-768.   

Research Grants

  • 2008 GRF (PI), Suppression of caspase 3 by a novel non-coding RNA CUDR: A miRNA perspective. HKD $1,080,520.
  • 2009 GRF (PI), The oncogenic pathway of riboregulator H19: From microRNA to DNA methylation. HKD $1,265,000.
  • 2010 GRF (PI), To develop an aptamer-based surface plasmon resonance biosensor to detect apoptosis for anti-cancer drug discovery. HKD 983,753.
  • 2012 GRF (PI), To develop a aicrofluidic device for testing allergy. HKD 724,500.
  • 2012 GRF (Co-I), Tendon-derived Stem Cells (TDSCs) for tendon repair – A novel approach to clinical application. HKD 808,500.
  • 2013 GRF (PI), To develop a microfluidic device for testing allergy. HKD 724,500.
  • 2013 AoE (Co-I), Novel wave functional materials for manipulating light and sound. HKD 46.5M.
  • 2013 CRF (Co-I), Funtional plasmonics with energy localization for sensing, nano-actuation and optoelectronics. HKD 5,000,000.
  • 2013 GRF (Co-I), A novel combination therapy for treating osteoporosis - a mechanistic study on the synergistic bone anabolic effects of HMG CoA reductase inhibitor and Vitamin D. HKD 770769.
  • 2013 ITF (Co-I), Establishment of an Intelligent Bio-disc Platform (IBP) for low-cost point-of-care tuberculosis molecular diagnosis. HKD 994,439.
  • 2013 HMRF (Co-I), A study on synergistic bone anabolic effects of a combination sse of alendronate and Herba epimedii in treating osteoporosis of ovariectomized Rats. HKD 994,096.
  • 2014 ITF (PI), Development of a label-free non-PCR technology for rapid infectious disease diagnosis. HKD 987,050.
  • 2014 GRF (Co-I), Lab-in-droplet bioassay strategy with power-enabled lab-on-a-disc. HKD 500,000.
  • 2014 HMRF (Co-I), Development & pilot study of monoclonal antibodies for rapid screening of HLA-B*15:02 to enable safer use of carbamazepine. HKD 675,158.
  • 2014 UGC Scheme C Funding (Co-I), Establishment of new paradigm with feasible models in teaching & learning science for problem solving & future development. HKD 2,637,000.
  • 2014 Vice-Chancellor's One-off Discretionary Fund (Co-I), Functional plasmonics with energy localization for sensing. HKD 2,800,000.
  • 2015 HMRF (Co-I), Rapid sample-to-answer smart lab-on-a-disc pharmacogenetic testing device for personalised medicine. HKD 988,328.
  • 2016 NSFC/RGC Joint Research Scheme (PI), Investigation of technology and mechanism of in/ex vivo stem-cell differentiation by femtosecond laser. HKD 1,020,000.
  • 2017 GRF (Co-I), Hybrid long-range nano-optical tweezers based on plasmonic localisation and photon free trapping with microscale electric thermal heaters. HKD495,846.
  • 2019 GRF (Co-I), Deciphering the role of B lymphocytes in liver metabolic homeostasis HKD972,000.


  • HP Ho, CL Wong, SY Wu, WC Law, Chinlon Lin and SK Kong, Optical sensing devices with SPR sensors based on differential phase interrogation and measuring method using the same, US Patent 7365855 (FULL PATENT, 04/2008).
  • HP Ho, SY Wu, C. Lin, SK Kong, Surface plasmon resonance sensors and method for detecting samples using the same, US Patent 7407817 (FULL PATENT, 08/2008).
  • SY Wu, HP Ho, YK Suen, SK Kong, WW Wong, KC Lo, Method and Apparatus for Phase Sensitive Surface Plasmon Resonance, US 8169617 (FULL PATENT, 03/2009).
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  • Chen QL, Ho HP, Kong SK, Kwan PKL, Kwan YW, Kwok HC, Shum P, Suen YK, Wu SY, Yang AKL, Zhou JQ. Microfluidic platform and method for controlling the same. US 20150027555 A1 (FULL PATENT, 01/2015).
  • M Tang, HP Ho, G Wang, SK Kong, FC Loo, HC Kwok, SY Wu, X Zhang, Centrifugal Microfluidic Control Systems and Method for Configuring the Same, US. Provisional Patent (Provisional Patent filed, 08/2016).


  • VC Exemplary Teaching Award (2013)
  • Faculty Exemplary Teaching Award (2013)
  • RGC Excellent Project 1992-1994