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(Lab): Room LG102 & 104, Run Run Shaw Science Building

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2013 Ph.D. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
2009 B.Sc. Wuhan University



  • 2023 -              Vice-Chancellor Associate Professor, School of Life Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • 2017 - 2023     Assistant Professor, Karolinska Institutet
  • 2019 - 2021     Adjunct Assistant Professor, Division of Life Science, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • 2018 - 2022     Honorary Assistant Professor, Dr Li Dak-Sum Research Centre, The University of Hong Kong


Research Interests

Fluorescent materials and fluorescence-based technologies

  • Fluorescent probes for bioimaging
  • Fluorescent probes for biosensing
  • Fluorescent probes for diagnosis and therapy
  • Super-resolution imaging
  • Fluorescence lifetime imaging


Representative Publications

  1. P. Y. Ho, T. Y. Chou, C. Kam, W. Huang, Z. He, A. H. W. Ngan, S. Chen*. “A Dual Organelle-Targeting Mechanosensitive Probe” Sci. Adv. 9, eabn539 (2023).
  2. F. Wang, P. Y. Ho, C. Kam, Q. Yang, J. Liu, W. Wang, E. Zhao*, S. Chen*. “An AIE-active probe for efficient detection and high-throughput identification of outer membrane vesicles” Aggregate, e312 (2023)
  3. M. Gu, S Jiang, X. Xu, M. Y. Wu, C. Chen, Y. Yuan, Q. Chen, Y. Sun, L. Chen, C. Shen, P. Guo, S. Liu, E. Zhao*, S. Chen*, S. Chen*. "Simultaneous Photodynamic Eradication of Tooth Biofilm and Tooth Whitening with An Aggregation-Induced Emission Luminogen" Adv. Sci. 9, 2106071 (2022).
  4. M. Wu, A. Y. H. Wong, J. K. Leung, C. Kam, K. L. K. Wu, Y. S. Chan, K. Liu, N. Y. Ip and S. Chen* “A Near-Infrared AIE Fluorescent Probe for Myelin Imaging: from Sciatic Nerve to Optically Cleared Brain Tissue in 3D” Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 118 (45) e2106143118 (2021).
  5. P. Y. Ho, S.Y. Lee, C. Kam, J. Zhu, G. Shan, Y. Hong, W. Y Wong*, S. Chen* “Fluorescence Imaging and Photodynamic Inactivation of Bacteria Based on Cationic Cyclometalated Iridium(III) Complexes with Aggregation-Induced Emission Properties” Adv. Healthc. Mater. 10, 2100706 (2021). (Highlighted as the front cover)
  6. M. Wu, M. Gu, J. K. Leung, X. Li, Y. Yuan, C. Shen, L. Wang*, E. Zhao* and S. Chen* “A Membrane-Targeting Photosensitizer with Aggregation-Induced Emission Characteristics for Highly Efficient Photodynamic Combat of Human Coronaviruses” Small, 17, 2170158 (2021) (Highlighted as the back cover)
  7. M. Wu, J. K. Leung, C. Kam, T. Y. Chou, D. Wang, S. Feng and S. Chen* “A Near-Infrared AIE Probe for Super-Resolution Imaging and Nuclear Lipid Droplets Dynamic Study” Mater. Chem. Front., 5, 3043 (2021) (2021 Materials Chemistry Frontiers HOT articles) (Highlighted as back cover)
  8. M. Wu, J. Leung, L. Liu, C. Kam, K. Y. K. Chan, R. A. Li, S. Feng, S. Chen* “A Small Molecule AIE Chromosome Periphery Probe for Cytogenetic Studies.” Angew. Chem., Int. Ed., 59,10327 (2020).
  9. H. Gao, C. Kam, T. Y. Chou, M. Wu, X. Zhao, S. Chen*. “A simple yet effective AIE-based fluorescent nano-thermometer for temperature mapping in living cells using fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy” Nanoscale Horiz., 5, 488 (2020). (Highlighted as back outside cover)
  10. S. Xie, A. Y. H. Wong, R. T. K Kwok, Y. Li, H. Su, J. W. Y. Lam, S. Chen*, B. Z. Tang*. “Fluorogenic Ag+-Tetrazolate Aggregation Enables Novel and Efficient Fluorescent Biological Silver Staining.” Angew. Chem., Int. Ed, 57,5750, (2018).


Research Grants

  • 2023-2024, Research project grant within natural and engineering sciences, The Swedish Research Council, “Construction of novel 3D luminogens and exploration of their applications in bioimaging”, SEK 1,379,000. (PI)
  • 2022-2026, InnoHK, ITC, “Sensing Platforms for Noninvasive Mapping of the Oxygen Dynamics in Tissue Engineering and Reparative Medicine” (PI)
  • 2022-2024, CRF, UGC, “New Aggregation-Induced Emission Systems: Solving the Existing Problems in Bioimaging and Developing New Biological Applications” (Co-I)
  • 2021-2023, ITC, “A Smart Theranostic System Based on Biomimetic Nanoaggregates”(Co-I)
  • 2019-2020, Innovation and Technology Support Programme Tier 3, The Innovation and Technology Fund, ITC, ITS/022/18, “Development of Aggregation Induced Emission-Boosted Adaptive Optical (AIE-AO) Microscopy for Enhanced Molecular Imaging”(Co-I)
  • 2017-2023 Lau grant, Karolinska Institutet (PI)


Selected Patents

  1. Tang, Y. Hong, S. Chen, R. T. K. Kwok. “Water-soluble AIE luminogen for monitoring and retardation of amyloid fibrillation of insulin” US8679738B2 (Granted)
  2. Tang, Y. Hong, S. Chen. “A Water-Soluble AIE Luminogen and its Use in Detecting and Retardation of Amyloid Fibrillation of Amyloid Protein” Hong Kong 13101582.7 (Granted)
  3. Tang, N. Zhao, S. Chen, T. K. Kwok, Z. Song, H. P. Sung, Y. Y. Yu, W. A. Nicol, J. Roose. ““AIE Bioprobes Emitting Red or Yellow Fluorescence” International Publication Number: WO 2017/008743 A1, International Publication Date: 2017-01-19. (application)
  4. Tang, Y. Hong, S. Chen. W. T. Leung, E. Zhao, H. Deng. “Photosable AIE Luminogens for Specific Mitochondrial Imaging and its Method of Manufacturing Thereof” US9315465B2 (granted)
  5. Tang, K. M. Ng, K. Q. Luo, Y. Yu, Y. Hong, J. Liu, S. Chen, W. Y. LAM, Z. Wang, W. Qin, T. K. Kwok. “Aggregation Induced Emission of Fluorescent Bioprobes and Methods of Using the Same” US9618453B2 (granted)>
  6. Tang, K. M. Ng, K. Q. Luo, Y. Yu, Y. Hong, J. Liu, S. Chen, W. Y. LAM. “Aggregation Induced Emission Active Cytophilic Fluorescent Bioprobes for Long-Term Cell Tracking” US9409928B2 (granted)
  7. Tang, W. Qin, J. Liu, S. Chen, B. Liu, K. Li, D. Ding, J. Sun, A. Qin, Q. Zhao, T. K. Kwok, H. Shi, J. Geng. “Biocompatible Nanoparticles with Aggregation Induced Emission Characteristics as Fluorescent Bioprobes and Methods of Using the Same for in Vitro and in Vivo Imaging” WO/2013/029340 Patent application number: 20140328764 Publication date: 2014-11-06 (application)
  8. Tang, S. Xie, W. Wang, N. Yan, S. Chen, A. Y. H. Wong, Method for Silver ion detection by tetrazole-tagged luminogens with aggregation-induced emission properties, and application thereof including biological fluorescent silver staining. US 62/707,532 (application)
  9. 陈斯杰吴明雨,梁容恺。小分子荧光探针及其在染色体分析和细胞遗传学中的应用China Patent number: ZL 2020 1 0116006.0
  10. Sijie CHEN, Po Yu HO, UK patent application, Patent application number: 2203502.6



  • Endeavour Research Fellowship, Australian Government (2015)
  • Graduate Student Research Award, the Hong Kong Medical and Healthcare Device Industries Association (HKMHDIA) (2013)


Professional Activities

Professional societies

  • 2021 -     Associated editor, Engineered Regeneration
  • 2019 -     Community Board, Materials Chemistry Frontiers
  • 2018 -     Member, Chinese Chemical Society

Community services

  • Co-organizer of the Symposium SF05 Building Advanced Materials via Aggregation and Self-assembly at MRS 2023 Spring meeting in San Francisco, USA.
  • Reviewer for Angewandte Chemie International Edition, Science Advances, PNAS, Advanced Science, National Science Review, Biomaterials, Materials Horizons, Chemical Engineering Journal, Chemical Science, Analytical Chemistry, Aggregates, SCIENCE CHINA Chemistry, Chemical Communications, Scientific Report, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A, Materials Chemistry Frontiers, Biotechnology Journal, Australian Journal of Chemistry, Dyes and Pigments et. al.