Learning Experience of Current Students

Sharing on Learning experience as a Biology Student



"...I can have a taste of different fields in life sciences before going deeper in my favorite topic. In addition to the Singapore field trip and the research project, my personal favorite is the intense biodiversity lab courses, and the conservation biology course, in which local frontier researchers in conservation gave us professional insights in current issues like the Chinese white dolphin..."


Hui, Kwok Lun– Year 4 (Expected year of Graduation: 2018)



"In my life of studying in CUHK, my favorite Biology courses are the Biodiversity Lab and the Hong Kong Flora and Vegetation. I love these courses because, rather than just having the lecture, they offered us a fresh and interesting way to learn - observing live specimens, dissecting animals and flowers, and investigating plants during field trips by using sight, smell, touch and even taste! They really enriched my knowledge about plants and animals. "



Wong, Ka Yi – Year 4 (Expected year of Graduation: 2018)



"Biology programme is more than a programme for learning; we are all strongly bonded like one big family. The Biology Society organizes many activities throughout the year to entertain. Even the alumni are very helpful that they are very willing to give advice on academics and career path even graduated for a long long time..."


TakChuJongJong, Tak Chu – Year 4 (Expected year of Graduation: 2018)